Ten Parenting Intentions

Intentions aren’t rules to rate yourself on everyday. Use them as goals to guide you as the weeks and years of parenting unfold.

1. Listen to and think about what your parenting partner/spouse has to say.

2. Be open to the possibility that feelings from the past are shaping your feelings in the present.

3. Love your children unconditionally, even when you’re angry and disappointed in them.

4. Be courious about your contradictory feelings. Own both the positive and negative sides of        yourself.

5. Search for the true source of any long-standing guilt.

6. Learn from your mistakes rather than beating yourself up about them.

7. Hold yourself up when other people let you down.

8. Examine your contribution to the problems you have with others.

9. Express your anger with self-respect and respect for others.

10. Everyone has times when they feel unsure; acknowledge your doubts and feelings and commit to your own personal growth.


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